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About Us

VIVATEK is a manufacturer of Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Industrial Batteries and battery chargers.Vivatek manufacturing facilities with a state of art facilities to make international quality, custom made pocket plate NiCd batteries.

Our batteries cater to various industrial segments like power, oil and gas, cement, petro chemical, industries including railways and other infrastructure projects.

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Battery Servicing

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

KPH - High Rate

KPH batteries designed with very thin plates and is designed for applications that demands a relatively high current over short periods usually less than 30 minutes duration. These batteries are preferred in Engine/generator startup and UPS applications

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KPM - Medium Rate

KPM batteries are designed for mixed loads which involve high and low discharge rates.The backup duration of the batteries lies between 30 minutes to 3 hours.Switch gear applications, Emergency lighting and UPS generally requires KPM batteries.

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KPL - Low Rate

KPL batteries have the thickest plates that are designed for applications used in power backups and bulk energy storage applications and in the places where the discharges are generally infrequent.This includes Security, Fire alarms,Railway signaling and Telecommunication.

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IS 10918 and IEC 60623 Certified

VivaTek Batteries Confirms to Indian and International specifications namely, IS 10918 and IEC 60623.

Why VivaTek

Long Cycle

Our proven Ni-Cd technology has set the standard in the industry for battery performance in a challenging environment. Packed with high performance and reliability assures the long battery life with no risk of sudden failure.

Rugged Construction

Well-engineered pocket plate batteries that can withstand to a great extent, tolerating deep discharge for long periods, even accidental reverse charge. Our batteries can be stored in any state of charge.

Low self discharge

Suitable for high-drain devices that experience prolonged or continuous use. An excellent choice for any device that may be actively used for a week then left untouched for months.

Low Maintenance

Our batteries offer the superior service life, temperature tolerance and discharge profiles associated with NiCd cells while requiring minimal maintenance.

Cost effective

Economical cost in the long run. Owing to its reliability, unique electrochemistry and fail-safe construction, with low servicing and maintenance cost.

Withstand Deep Discharge

Can withstand deep discharge up to zero volts and even reverse. With much higher energy density, the batteries are more difficult to damage than other batteries.

Aviation& Defense

VIVATEK has been designing and manufacturing high tech battery systems for aeronautic applications which needs a reliable and trustworthy battery pack

Telecommunication Networks

We provide excellent solutions for the seamless communication of wireless networks

Industrial Batteries

We have excelled our skills in this industrial domain by providing an impelling range of industrial solutions

Oil and Gas

Our effectively designed KPH batteries are used for starting diesel engines of smaller navigation vehicles and act as a reserve source of electricity.


Railways use a range of products from NiCd batteries for transportation vehicles and signal safety devices


VIVATEK manufactures several types of customized batteries for the medical application used in life-saving equipment ,which are widely used for effective treatment of patients.

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